Sommelier Selections

Looking for something fresh and exciting? Let The Wine Store help you find your next “new favorite” white, red, or rosé! Our resident wine experts and cork dorks selflessly drink their way through countless bottles every week in search of those elusive a-HA! moments that warrant sharing. Enjoy a multitude of tasting opportunities at our self-serve, state-of-the-art wine dispensing stations, where we offer a diverse array of “Somm Selections” by the ounce, half glass, or full restaurant-style pour using a pre-loaded card that’s yours to keep and refill as you please! Be sure to grab a bottle to go, so you can share and enjoy great wine any time.

Top Picks

Helping you choose the perfect wine-pairing for your next big event, small intimate party, or tonight’s dinner! Here are some of our favorite wines, along with pairing suggestions from appetizers to dessert.


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